Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Praise for "Air and Simple Gifts"

I don't like to think of Laura missing things happening in life in the world around us now so I don't often have (or want to have) the agonizing thought: "this particular thing I wish she could have seen or heard."
Most things I rationalize are not so unique that she didn't witness some other version of it in her life. Up to now the only thing that fell outside my rationalization net in these last two years was the Opening Ceremony to the Beijing Olympics. The drummers. The drummers. She would have really liked that and that whole Opening Ceremony.
Inauguration Day yesterday. Had that same kind of thought during the playing of "Air and Simple Gifts." Laura would have enjoyed the synchrony of the musicians and their joy, their clothing ruffling in the wind in the cold and bright air. In the months before her death, on long car rides, to and from CHOP, Laura would ask for the Yo Yo Ma CD to be played. It was a Silk Road Ensemble CD that we listened to, the Distant Green Valley the track she wanted to hear.
Had that thought again hearing "Air and Simple Gifts." She would have liked this. And so I invite you to listen again and see and hear the joy of the musicians as I think Laura would have.(click on the in text link in the preceding sentence to get to a youtube video of it.)

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  1. I, too, was very moved by this lovely piece of music during the ceremony. It made me cry then, and every other time I've listened to it as well. The joyous looks on their faces as they play together is also nice to see.

    And I agree with Laura's views on the cello. It is a hauntingly beautiful instrument.

    Thanks for sharing!