Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice storm last night. All vegetation, cars, anything outside was encased in ice. Didn't get warm enough today for the ice to go away. Driveway is a sheet of ice - with water on top from today's rain. Have new assignment at work-very intensive with demanding schedule. Not much to say right now since quite tired!

Friday update: Last night owls were calling, one very close by to another further away. It is the time of year for that. And a good time to remember a favorite book of Laura's, Owl Moon. There's a copy in the Rockaway Valley School library, donated by us in her memory. Will listen for the owls again tonight. That song from the 1970's, Wildfire, comes to mind; "There's been a hoot owl howlin' by my window now for six nights in a row..."

Soon will do my 2008 "Hall of Angels" on Laura's Caringbridge site ...

Photo: Branches of Japanese Maple tree in our yard encased in ice. Cover of Owl Moon by Jane Yolen(click on this link and watch the owl!)

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  1. We have a great horned owl in the picnic area of our property. I will name her Laura.