Sunday, January 4, 2009

Before Griffiths Pond iced over there was a swan there for a few days swimming with the buffleheads. This was before Christmas. The swan is gone now. It reminds me of the loss of someone so beautiful so important to me that the world seems forever dimmed without her.
Been trying to keep very busy working around the house. Made a small dent in the basement but that's all it will be-back to work tomorrow! Think about Laura all the time. Sifting through papers, today I found a list of flower names she wrote out: "lavender, glory bush, jasmine, rosemary, coreopsis, violets, thyme, wisteria, bluebells, trumpet vine, sunflower, cosmos, coneflower." I think she was suggesting them for our garden or they were ones she liked. It's like finding a little blueprint by Laura.

There were many neuroblastoma angels last year. Many I have not met or known of for it has been over 2 years since Laura passed away. Eden Adams became an angel a few days ago. Though we did not meet, I think she was also at CHOP around the time we were in 2006.
Eden was one of the children who was present at the signing of the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act. If you look in Eden's blog and scroll down there is a picture of her I especially like where she is sitting by a bonfire. Rest in peace, sweet Eden.

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