Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Way to Windsor

I was keen to go to Windsor Castle so we had a day trip planned there. Mostly I knew about the Changing of the Guard held there and about the fire there a number of years ago. I didn't realize how many other fascinating things we would find it especially St. George Chapel within the Castle precincts. To think we would be walking right over the grave of Henry the VIII! It was right in the walkway in the inner sanctum of the Chapel where the Order of the Garter meets every June. The remains of many kings and queens are here including Queen Elizabeth's father and mother (George VI and the Queen Mother (also Elizabeth) and the Queen's sister Margaret. After our tour we had a very nice al fresco lunch. Suse did some shopping and got a pair of boots on sale that she would wear for much of the trip.

Photos: Susan looks out from the train; waiting for the Changing of the Guard parade; crowds follow the Guard (I had this Wizard of Oz kind of feeling at this moment!); cat in the streets of Windsor; children at the next table at lunch.

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