Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bound for London

It was going to the first major sort of trip since Laura's death. I had to take something of Laura with us so that she might ride silently along in spirit. We were going to London and then to Paris, to make various day trips from each into the surrounding areas. (Tony and Susan would also go on to Switzerland but I would return home after Paris.) Should I take the silver star locket holding her ashes? I had always imagined I would. But the past weeks of preparation where many of the most common google searches in this household of not recent travellers began with "TSA..." (like TSA umbrella, TSA contact lens solution...) had me doubtful for any number of reasons that I could be 100% sure that the locket could stay with me. Could not become comfortable that the locket would not be questioned so decided Laura would ride on our luggage in special tags with her picture. I would also bring a lock of her hair (from the long pieces we saved when her long hair was cut short in anticipation of the total hair loss after the first round of the heavy chemo that began her treatment.) I was remembering the lock of angel Lucas's hair brought to Hawaii by his family member some time ago and I had just read how friend's of angel Erin put her picture on their luggage when they recently took a Northern European cruise.
Photos: Laura photo on a luggage tag and ready to board; the star locket holding some of Laura's ashes which remained at home.

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