Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Return to Cambridge

After a quick tour past famous points in London and dealing with our jet lag, we were ready for our day trip by train to Cambridge. Tony was looking forward to showing Susan and me Cambridge University and Trinity College where he got his advanced degrees. Classes were not in session but the town and University and colleges were lively and filled with people. Downpours came periodically throughout the day and hundreds of umbrellas would pop up as undeterred visitors continued to pour through the streets. We visited the quad and buildings of Trinity College and saw where Tony had his rooms as a student. Another highlight of the day was taking part in the traditional activity of "punting on the Cam," which Tony, like most students here, used to do. Our punt was from the Trinity College dock where each had a name related to the number 3, for Trinity (like three "Little Kittens", "French Hens" or "Magi""). The punt given to us was "Step to Heaven" which seemed significant.
We paused to look at the centuries old Eagle Tavern where US Airmen and RAF wrote messages on the ceiling before their missions and where Watson and Crick used to have a beer in the days when they were discovering DNA.
Photos: some scenes around Cambridge and of punting on the Cam River; scenes at the Eagle Tavern in Cambridge.

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