Friday, June 26, 2009


What...a Halloween picture of Suse and Laura in June? What you have to imagine about this picture of the year we participated in the time honored Halloween "Tailgate" at RVS is that this was my opportunity to play Michael Jackson's "Thriller" over and over as loud as we could. The Tailgate had hardly begun. We had just gotten set up with our friends the Simpsons in the van next to us.. Soon dark would fall and long lines of witches, "Screams" (popular then), assorted ghouls, princesses and all manner of characters were snaking past the vans, suvs and trucks decorated to the Halloween max with jack o lanterns and scary creatures (ours was a very modest entry), the trick or treaters filling their bags with candy as they went. The absolute ultimate music to play at the RVS tailgate was "Thriller." Laura may not have known much about Michael Jackson but she sure knew "Thriller." I have to admit I made a point of playing it loudly in the car every Halloween. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. We will never stop playing "Thriller."

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