Monday, June 8, 2009

Photos before the prom

Last Saturday was the senior prom for Susan's Mtn Lakes HS class. All over our area, around 5:30 PM, groups of seniors and their families were converging in yards and houses for the traditional pre-prom photo taking. Susan and her group were meeting at the home of one of her friends in our neighborhood where a Kousa dogwood in bloom provided a lovely backdrop. It was quite a fun scene of parents turned mad photographers and the students looking so grown up and well turned out. Later on, I had an image in mind of a somewhat older and taller Laura, with one of her dear friends beside her, watching the unfolding scene with enjoyment from the yard's edge. The image was so clear and real, it was like a kind of waking dream.

Photos: Families and seniors getting ready to take photos; by the Kousa dogwood; getting on board the party bus the group rented for transport to Perona Farms; traveling in style.


  1. Suse and her date make a handsome couple. She is so very beautiful. What will next year hold for her?

  2. Suse has a lot of things going on up until graduation.
    There was something called "Moving Up Day" today, the Baccalaureate Program is this Saturday. Next week is Senior Week with a class trip to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. Graduation is June 22. Immediately afterward they have something called Project Graduation where all the graduates are taken by bus to an evening of alcohol-free fun.