Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Writing on the wall

Usually children should not write on walls. But I know of one place where that is ok. In our basement in a windowless room where the furnace resides, there is a wall where over the years children in the house have written their names and doodled. A mayor of Boonton Township was the first to own our house and it was his children who started the tradition.
Some task took me into the furnace room the other day. I knew Laura and Susan had written there on the "wall" but to what extent I had forgotten.
I was completely delighted to re-discover Laura's drawing of our family circa 2003 when Laura was a second grader. Laura captured the pets very well in her depiction: Pepper the cat so calm and friendly while littermate Daisy is her typical "scaredy" with "claws out!" Hope you enjoy this re-found drawing of Laura's!

Drawings: The whole family and closer shot of Laura and Suse with pets. Click on image for larger view.


  1. What a real treasure to rediscover. Lovely.

  2. What a beautiful surprise to come across. Laura's artistic ability is stunning. Very impressive and I love all of the details that she provided (identifying herself as "me"; including the pets and their names). So sweet!

    Thank you for sharing--it brought tears to my eyes this morning to see this.


  3. Kirby is a beauty!

    I love "found" treasures, too.

    Thanks for the glimpse of gentle spirit that lingers in your basement.

  4. Wow, she is a great artist, how lovely to find this special treasure!
    Love, Ellen