Sunday, May 24, 2009


We recently joined the Mountain Lakes Organic Food Co-op. I'm not much of a cook from scratch person (sounds nice in theory...but usually doesn't happen). It is a nicely run operation and very easy and convenient (easier than picking them out yourself in the supermarket!) Every other Friday we pick up our bag of organic vegetables and fruits at the appointed spot in Mtn Lakes. The selection is a little different every time and that it makes it fun. Of course everything reminds me of Laura, this experience no exception. This time it brought memories of little Laura dressed in cute little vegetable garden theme outfits. We had I think every single piece in this Oshkosh collection including hat and socks. Suse had them too in more grown up school age child versions. I still have many of these favorite clothes from Laura and Suse's early years, most of them Oshkosh with cute themes like the this vegetable garden one. I plan to keep them always! Shown here a sample of a few of them, and the only scanned photo I have of little Laura in one of them. Though she is frowning, I still like the purposeful way she is walking down the backyard path in Aunt Agnes's yard in Weatherly, PA.
Susan has taking care of so many things on her own these days. She's arranging to get the limo for their group going to the prom, taking care of getting her prom dress hemmed, making her own appointments for things that she needs to do. She goes to the store for us. If we want an exact specific item from the store that could be confused with something else on the shelf, she takes a digital picture of it for reference and off she goes.


  1. I would never even think of taking a digital photo. Walter just leaves the empty container out for me, and expects me to memorize it before I go to the store.

  2. HI, I'm such a packrat, I think it is great that you have the veggie outfit! So adorable! I guess I'm not alone in "saving" things!
    Love, Ellen