Monday, April 27, 2009

Kwanzan Cherry trees are blooming

After a mostly cool and damp spring, we had a sudden onset of a few days of hot summery weather. The 32nd annual Woods and Lakes Run seemed like the hottest ever. Susan and friends were great helpers with the water station and guiding the runners at the trail intersections on the course. It's Monday now and it seems like the Kwanzan cherry trees that dot our landscape and that are abundantly found along my commute through Parsippany are suddenly flowering. The old Kwanzan in our yard that Laura much admired is blooming and Laura's memorial tree is just on the verge. Every year Laura would worry that the cherry tree in our yard wasn't going to bloom. But it always did.

Photos: Kwanzan cherry blossoms up close; baby Laura and our family in 1995 with our cherry tree behind; a view of the old cherry tree. Click once on photo for larger view.


  1. Is Laura's memorial tree also a cherry, or something else?

    Not as much color in Texas this spring (we never have the blossoming trees that you have, but usually make up for it with wildflowers.) because of the drought. Good birds, though.

  2. Is everything okay? it's been a while since you posted.

    Just thinking of all of you.