Saturday, September 13, 2008

September scenes Boonton Township

Pumpkins growing in a neighbor's front yard and the delicate spires of the Blue Mist shrub.

Laura lived her entire life in the same house in Boonton Township.  A home loving person, Boonton Township and her school, Rockaway Valley School, were the centers of her world.  The scenes on Pepperidge Road continues to unfold in step with the seasons, and it is easy to imagine she would have been pleased with what she might see here right now.

Our thoughts are with all those whose lives have been greatly disrupted by Hurricane Ike in Texas, especially pediatric cancer patients. At Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, I read that last night the patients were going to be moved into the hallways during the storm to protect them from possible flying glass from windows suddenly breaking from high wind.  And, if the power stays out for long, the weeks ahead will no doubt be even tougher for children needing chemo, and blood and platelet transfusions.

What could it have been like to be right in the storm?  This is a blog entry from a journalist that gave a particular sense of what it could have been like.


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  1. How lovely to see the bears. Must admit though, as much as I miss NJ I don't miss the potential for encounters with bears when hiking.

    I was in the local thrift stores in Peebles today (looking for books for Joel in particular. He is reading SO much I can't keep up with him!) As I meandered to the back of the store to the book shelves there is a display of jewelery, don't normally look there but a necklace with "LAURA" on it caught my eye.
    Anyway I made my way to the bookshelves and found (and bought) 3 books by Garrison Keillor. One of them he has signed (with a message to a person called Rose.)

    Garrison Keillor is not known over here, so I wonder whose book collection they came from.

    I had no idea he wrote. Have you read any of his books? I've not had time to read them yet, well just an intro, which had me laughing at a description of the amount of reading he did as a child, and of what he would look like if his mother hadn't made him go outside and play.

    Can't wait to have a good read!

    Well, really love your blog, and will enjoy checking in.