Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life imitates art (or tries to!)

On a fall day, Laura once sat for a few photos on the deck, giving limited indulgence to my attempt to get a few portrait like pictures.  I think I was trying to re-inact a hazy image in mind of Renoir's A girl with a watering can.  Didn't get the props right but like the photos anyway.  

It's a beautiful September day today.  The goldenrod on Kingsland Road near Griffiths Pond are a lovely sight to behold.  Scent of pine fills the air on a sunny stretch of Pepperidge Road.  A bicycle ride, some errands, and then like most Saturdays's going way back, dinner will be worked around Garrison Keillor,  A Prairie Home Companion, playing on various radios around the house, so as not to miss any, or in the car when out to pick up a takeout dinner, if that is our plan.  Not everyone in our family though, Laura included, had or has my perennial patience to hang in there for the outstanding musical numbers and memorable humor that reward the patient listener. And I seem to stay with the radio medium for Garrison Keillor, not having picked up his books, for fear the dark thoughts he throws in to his comedy mix might be harder to avoid.  At 8 PM, I might watch for the umpteenth time reruns of the British sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances, as I haven't tired yet of the caricatured characters, and having a few laughs is not a bad thing. 

News from the Hanson family on Cape Cod.  Next weekend there will be an Alex's Lemonade Stand at their elementary school's fall fair.
Please click here for a very nice article about Sean and all the family and the upcoming event.  
Sad news,  almost incomprehensible news, one year after Madison Swift of Massachusetts passed away from neuroblastoma, her 38 year old father has died suddenly, leaving Madison's mother and 5 year old sister, Laci.


  1. Hi Mara,
    I'm so glad you guys set up a Blogger - this is a great website, the tools they provide are wonderful! Let me know if you'd like help with installing a stat counter or any other "extras".

    I look at the photo of Laura that you sent me often, it is tacked to my cork board above my desk, so she watches me do my work :)

    Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer last month... after sending love and support to so many fighting this battle, I never expected one of them to end up being my own mom! We set up a caringbridge site for her. It's

    She's been feeling pretty down lately- she has a GREAT outlook on the whole situation, she just keeps running into these hurdles and is having a hard time mustering up the strength to jump over them. I am so very proud of her though, she is an amazing woman.

    Still thinking about you guys, and excited for the new website!!

    Kristen Smith
    Greensboro, NC

  2. Mara:
    Your portrait of Laura successfully rendered the essence of Renoir's little girl; it's poetic.
    ~Kathy M.

  3. Thank you for the description of PHC. I thought I was the only one who left radios going so that I didn't miss things as I moved from room to room.

    Remembering Laura and her gentle spirit always,


  4. Mara,

    This new blog really suits your creative attributes. It is a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter.

    I've read your CB blog often over the years and haven't really commented much. But I just wanted to note that I think you are a tremendous advocate for NB families. Because of you efforts, I for one am certainly much more aware of this brutal disease.