Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering September 11th

Above our Boonton Township September 11th memorial.  

It's been seven years gone now as we pause this coming day to remember September 11th.  It will be remembered in public memorials large and small and in the quiet thoughts of everyone who remembers where they were that day and shudders to recall it.  Our region is dotted with September 11 memorials, whether formal ones by counties or towns, or simple ones on hilltops which once held the towers in their vistas.  

There's a simple memorial at the top of The Tourne, noted hilltop of our area in the Tourne County Park.  Before September 11th, a visit to The Tourne used to mean walking to the top and seeing if the towers were visible in the distant NYC skyline.  

At the time of September 11th,  Laura was a first grader.  Had she lived she know doubt would have remembered all her life the times of September 11th.

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