Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Sled Dog" weather on the way

Winter storm warning in effect. They say there is a lot of snow on the way for us. Sure to be a delight for dogs that love snow
It's been two full years, and two full months, without Laura now. Three times the snows have fallen and I could only dream of the delight in Laura's eye as she surveyed the snow from our window. Three winters when I could only just touch the snowpants and jackets in the closet, and not see a young girl carefully donning her layers, her boots, mittens and hat, to step out into the snowy world she so loved to explore.
A friend and former colleague from work passed away recently. I attend the memorial service, see old friends. I try to support the family as best I can, not trusting that people will see the obituary, I call and email people I haven't spoken to in years. It turns out most of them did not know, would not have heard so soon otherwise. Something I have learned from our own sad experience. It's worth it to make that extra effort to let people know. It brings the possibility of a broader circle reaching out to the bereaved family and it is a good deed one can do.
It's now three people who once signed the book at Laura's visitation and Memorial Service, who were there with us in our sorrow then but who are now gone themselves.

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