Monday, March 2, 2009

It was an essential part of Laura's day, especially during treatment, to thoroughly peruse the newspaper comics. Laura liked cartoons and comics in books and magazines too. Especially appealing, and at times mysterious to Laura in their meaning, were the cartoons in the New Yorker. We had the New Yorker cat calendar one year and there was one particularly memorable cartoon that Laura and the rest of us liked.
By arrangement with the Cartoon Bank, we will bring you that very cartoon in the next post. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. (Hint: if you are a cat owner, we are sure you will.)

Photos: Laura during her first hospitalization for diagnosis of neuroblastoma (May 2005) reading her comics. And in December 2006 during her final hospitalization, Laura reading what would be her last Sunday comics, with her sister Suse by her side.

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  1. It's striking how much Suse looks like Laura in this photo.

    Also, for the past few weeks that Erin has had restless and not refreshing sleep. When I get her up in the morning, I have to bring the comics with me, to ease her into the day. It's sort of a substitute for a first cup of coffee. After she has had her laughs, then she's ready to get up and get started.