Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Star-Ledger photos of Laura at RVS 11/30/2006

Photos by Bob Sciarrino of the Star-Ledger - one day in Laura's life, November 30, 2006, going to school and then to the Valerie Center for a transfusion. This was three weeks before Laura passed away from the neuroblastoma that had resisted all treatments.  Some photos you may remember from the Star-Ledger article that appeared on December 23, 2006; others have not been seen before.  More photos are in the slideshow-to view all these photos, click here and then click slideshow for best viewing. Thanks to Bob for providing these photos for posting here and thanks again to Bob and to Paula Saha, reporter and writer,  for telling Laura's story in the Dec. 23, 2006 article in the Star-Ledger-"Weaving a web of comfort when cancer strikes a child."


  1. These are such beautiful pictures. I especially love the last one in the slide show where it looks like she is trying not to smile...yet we can see the smile slowly emerging. Very cute. She strikes me as someone filled with poise and grace.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures.


  2. What I see is a young woman intent on absorbing the world. Laura's eyes always say I'm watching, I'm figuring this out, I want to know more. So very observant.