Friday, November 28, 2008

Memories of the Christmas Parade

It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving and time for the annual Boonton Christmas Parade sponsored by the Fire Department.  Laura and Suse used to march those years they were girl scouts and so it holds special memories.  The parade route ended at Santaland and what a great scene it was with  the swarms of people, children and marchers getting refreshments, waiting to see Santa, mingling and talking, and walking around in every direction among the Santaland features.

Somehow this year I can't run the risk of even hearing the parade.  The sounds of drumming and music ride over the hills and can be heard at our house. I just don't want to go there where the parade music could take me.  The memories are mostly happy but somehow I have an instinct I'll feel better if don't hear it. I have something to do a few towns away at that time and that is for the best.

Happy memories:  Daisy Troop 655 marched as reindeer and Laura (in pink coat) was Rudolf in a Boonton Christmas Parade many years ago (2000?)

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