Sunday, October 26, 2008

I once estimated how many times Laura would have travelled up and down Kingsland Road in her life and how many times she would have looked out on Griffiths Pond.  It was something like 1500 times or maybe more, don't remember how I figured it.  Those fall mornings heading over to RVS, Laura would have looked out and seen the spirals of mist circling on the surface on the pond.  She would have seen Griffiths Pond in all its many shades through the seasons, from placid green to a wintry leaden gray. I still always look out on Griffiths Pond as I drive by, always something to see, maybe a heron on the far shore, or fall colors reflected on the surface. These days I keep checking  for the arrival of wintering ducks.
Made a Jack O'Lantern this weekend.  I think Laura really wants us to keep up the tradition.  The squirrels already have been feasting on it and will have to make another. 
Laura's birthday is Monday, October 27.  She would have been 14.  I put all my thoughts into an entry on Laura's caringbridge site today.  Also have put together a few photos of some of her birthdays in a slide show
After the rain and wind of yesterday, the flowers at her grave needed tidying up. We added fresh pots of mums and balloons today in remembrance of her birthday.
It's a busy week coming up.  Must close now but will be back later in the week to remember Halloween.

Photos:  Griffiths Pond on a fall morning; Laura on her birthday at age 5:  Laura, age 11, Hello Kitty themed birthday in the hospital while finishing 7th cycle of strong chemo, Oct 2005; this year's Jack o' Lantern;  woodland scene near the Hogpen, Boonton Twp. (also see Jean Ricker's fascinating article about the Hogpen on about page 7 in the Boonton Twp newsletter.)

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  1. The picture of Laura with her Pokemon T shirt really touches me. It is so similar to a photo of Rachael at that age. The expression, the eyes are so much like Rachael at that age. They were born 6 days apart, so if you believe in star signs they have a similar character. Funny, Suse and Joel have a birth date 6 days and a few years apart. I remember this from a previous posting on caringbridge. He is the 4th August 97.
    Laura has changed me/our family so much/ for the better. Laura lives in our hearts and minds on a daily basis.
    Rachael has to wear yellow to school tomorrow for "Children in Need" a British charity.
    Lauras T shirt will be worn. I'll try to get a photo but ...she is 14 so it may be a challenge.