Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall rushes in

In the just the last few days, fall began to move to its full glory.  The maples with their brilliant reds and oranges  were leading the way, followed by the ashes filling out the landscape with shades of peach and plum. On Pepperidge Road today, golden leaves whirled through the air. The namesake trees, the pepperidge trees, seemed to turn out their colorful display overnight.  It's a only two weeks to Laura's birthday, and everything makes me think of her. But somehow fatigue and press of obligations keep the sadness from welling over. Suse is a senior in high school and very busy with the college application process and her studies.  She's helping out on the yearbook and doing her other clubs. Tonight was Back to School night at the high school, the last one for us I sadly reflected. 

Photos:  Laura and Suse on Southfield Road many years ago; Pepperidge (Black Gum) trees on our road in fall color; the often admired maples in fall color overhanging the Rockaway River; Suse and Sam walk by the "Leaning Birch" on Pepperidge Road.


  1. Mara,

    These pictures are beautiful; I especially like the third one down with the reflection of the trees in the water. Stunning views. Fall is becoming my favorite time of year.

    My thoughts are with you and your family in the coming days as Laura's birthday approaches.


    P.S. (from your previous post) I love that Laura made a cat out of her Halloween pumpkin. So cute!

  2. Lovely words rushing in as well. Thanks for the images (photos and narrative).