Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hydrangea Days

Late June, early July the hydrangeas come into bloom. Nowhere I know do hydrangeas flourish like they do on the Cape, Laura's favorite place. Looking back on Laura's last visit to the Cape, late June 2006. Please see a related Hydrangea Days entry on Caringbridge by clicking here.
Photos: Laura with hydrangeas on the path to the bay beach, Ocean Edge, Brewster Mass (photo by me); scenes of Laura on the Ocean Edge path and close-up of hydrangea in bloom (photos by Ellen Hanson).


  1. I also love a Hydrangea flower. We have pink ones just blooming now. I do believe Laura is smiling at the ones in Cape Cod, that she loved so dearly.

  2. The hydrangea photos are gorgeous! I especially love the one with Laura. I hope your summer is going well and your family is enjoying themselves!

    I keep Laura in my thoughts all the time.

    Kristen S.

  3. Thinking of you guys at Hydrangea time!
    Love, Ellen and the kids.