Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laura winter 2004 on the Great Beach of Cape Cod

It just took briefly overhearing in a radio weather forecast the words: ...snow on the coast..." and I was back there... Back to the February 2004 visit to Cape Cod with Laura. Though the beast was lurking within her at some microscopic level, we were all blissfully ignorant at the time. Laura seemed very healthy and happy.
Happy very much so, here visiting one of her favorite places, Cape Cod, the place that since she was very young, she had maintained she wanted to live someday.

A Cape Cod snow fall. People cross country skiing to the beach. Laura running on ahead down to the Coast Guard Beach. Laura running back and forth along the waves, just as I had known her to do since she was very little.

Five years ago now since she ran so joyfully along this beach. Over two years now since she's been gone. Laura's classmates have grown and matured. She must look very young to them in these photos

With these photos, I hope you can go "back" too. I hope you like them. I think Laura would be pleased to know you did.

For a larger image of most photos in this blog, click on any individual photo. Laura is in every one of the photos above!


  1. Young, but in some of the other photos, very mature through the eyes. Always beautiful and so collected.

  2. Lovely, lovely girl - inside and out! So sad!